Why Tracking Accuracy Is Mandatory In Affiliate Marketing

Posted on June 7, 2017

Perception of Accuracy of Tracking

Tracking part is an important ingredient in affiliate marketing. Different online businesses are using affiliate tracking application to generate ROI. Detection of correct affiliate is fundamental for payouts. The task is not easy without having accuracy. Tracking application provides accurate tracking; the lack of which can lead to numerous clash between affiliates and advertisers. So accuracy of tracking is always playing a crucial role. Tracking is a vital element for advertisers. With the quick rising of the affiliate marketing, several companies have developed tracking application. It is crucial to select perfect tracking application which fulfilled your need properly. Affiliate tracking application makes sure reliability and accuracy for your affiliate marketing. It also helps in constructing sound and robust relationships with your affiliates.  Check out now for more detailshttp://www.adwalnut.com/adwalnutfeature.php

A Bird’s Eye View of Tracking Process

Tracking process is key in affiliate marketing. Perfect affiliate tracking application provides two types of tracking method in the system for accuracy.

  1. Pixel Based Tracking (Cookie-Based Tracking)
  2. Server Based Tracking (Cookie-Less Tracking)

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Why You Need Adwalnut for Tracking

Adwalnut a SaaS based performance marketing application understands clients’ needs quite properly. That’s why Adwalnut makes tracking system robustly. It provides cookie based as well as cookie-less tracking system with 100% accuracy. Due to pervasive growth of affiliate marketing advertisers need to be certain about accurate tracking and many more important components like Real Time Report, Billing and so on. For tracking flexibilities it provides 26 E-commerce parameters. To know more about E-commerce parameters click on this link now http://blog.adwalnut.com/2016/03/18/adwalnuts-26-e-commerce-parameters-life-line-of-performance-marketing/ .

In Adwalnut panel each step meticulously recorded and ensures proper and accurate conversion tracking of a campaign. Adwalnut’s tracking solution is complete, accurate and reliable — ensuring the best results for clients. So it’s a time to clinch the proper affiliate solution to grow your online business. For better clarity please visit us now http://www.adwalnut.com or sign up for free demo.

Adwalnut Unveils Some New Features

Adwalnut is extremely delighted to develop the new and exciting features for valued customers which help them quite a lot. For detailing about new features click here right now and discover the cosmos. http://blog.adwalnut.com/2016/08/18/adwalnut-going-to-unveil-some-electrifying-features-in-the-upgrade-version/


Adwalnut’s tracking is accurate and reliable. We not only state it but our clients also say the similar thing.  About our tracking one of our prestigious client Craig Adams, Client Relationship, WDS Media says “Adwalnut’s Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution is accurate and reliable. It’s the kind of application that is taking our business to a different level”. Check here now for more review http://www.adwalnut.com

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