Why Robust SaaS Platform Required for Performance Marketing?

Posted on April 9, 2018

Evaluation of Conversion

Evaluating conversions is critically important in Performance marketing. In another words Conversions are the most important metric for affiliate or performance marketing. By increasing your conversion rate, your business will generate more revenue. Conversion count is extremely crucial. Lost conversion always hurt the performance marketers badly. For proper evaluation of conversion you always need a SaaS platform.

Performance Tracking 

Performance marketing is a performance-based marketing that rewards affiliates for performing the desired action. These actions can include landing page visits, completion of a lead form and/or converted sales. Performance marketing is driving your business growth significantly as consumers are spending more time on the internet and therefore making more purchases. To track these activities use the perfect tracking system.

Network Activity Tracking

Ad-networks managing an enormous group of advertisers and affiliates, it can often be tough to keep track of all the activities in the network like Excessive Clicks, Conversions many more events. Without proper notification, it’s tough to handle. In a SaaS-based application, You can set a lot of notifications which come when they required. For that reason, you always tracked all the activities very closely.

Real Time Reporting

The robust Reporting tool is an important part of Performance Marketing. By which ad networks and affiliates can see the details of the payment very keenly and affiliates can receive payment acknowledgment receipt in their panel without any hassle.


Expand your campaigns and growth with robust targeting, deliberated to get the best results out of your affiliate marketing.

Fraud detection

As affiliates try to make the profit by giving false leads to advertisers to camouflage their deceptive activities as a real lead. Fraud detection feature of tracking SaaS detects the possible fraud.


If your Affiliate Marketing wants to compete and win in the digital business, you’ll need to make smart decisions about SaaS technology. Check out this smart SaaS application now to grow your affiliate business.

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