The Concise Impression of Alert in Performance Marketing

Posted on June 10, 2016

Adwalnut, a SaaS based performance marketing application has become energetic forces behind the fast expansion of digital businesses. Businesses that clinch performance marketing application will find themselves behind rendezvous, and in turn, opening up whole new views for growth. Monitoring performance of your business or product or event campaign with precision -build plans of actions for future. Check us now

What is Alert?

The vast amount of relevant activities in the network come with the alert system that will automatically inform to advertisers and affiliates through the bell notifications as well as an email notifications. Each advertiser and affiliate can view the most current notifications on their panel.

Why Alert is required?

Ad-networks managing an enormous group of advertisers and affiliates, it can often be tough to keep track of all the activities in the network. To know all of the activities in the network, alert or notification is required. For entire details please check our E-book “Role of Alert in Affiliate Marketing”

Benefits of Alert in A SAAS Based Application

  • Admin can create alert in their panel.
  • Advertisers can create alert in their panel.
  • Affiliates can create alert in their panel.
  • Easy to create and handle.
  • Alert comes in the Bell. When it comes in the bell it shows in red color.
  • Alert also comes in an Email.

Categorization of Alert

Affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing plays an essential role in the achievement of advertising campaigns for networks and advertisers. Alert is the key item to know all of the activities. Below are the types of admin events that alert hub will receive after specific actions have taken effect in the network.

  • Advertiser Sign-Up.
  • Affiliate Sign-Up.
  • New Offer Is Created.
  • Offer Reaches The Percentage Threshold Of Its Daily Or Monthly Cap.
  • Offer Meets Its Daily Or Monthly Cap.
  • Offer Expiration Warning.
  • Offer State Changed.
  • Excessive Clicks.
  • Excessive Conversions.
  • Excessive Conversions/Clicks Ratio.
  • Excessive Duplicate IP.

Why You Choose Adwalnut?

  • Adwalnut, ad network can easily manage an enormous group of advertisers and affiliates quite effortlessly
  • Through an alert option admin can track all of the activities which have happened in the network
  • Advertisers and affiliates receive notifications for different events in the application.
  • Apart from that it is a SaaS based White label application.

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