Significance of Affiliate Billing in Performance Marketing

Posted on December 7, 2016

Why billing is required?  

Performance marketing has grown significantly over the last couple of years because affiliate marketers are beginning to realize that it is the most efficient way to handle advertising. Sometimes ad networkers are concerned how they will manage to pay all of the affiliates for promoting their products. Because they are dealing with numerous affiliates so they are getting perplexed. Affiliate billing gets rid of this problem. Adwalnut a SaaS based performance marketing application easily takes care of it through affiliate billing. It is one of the paramount options because it shows pay out for affiliates. Through affiliate billing ad-networkers easily create bill for affiliates without any miscommunication.

Adwalnut’s Solution:-

Adwalnut’s billing option is immensely flexible and provides numerous advantages that you won’t get with any other application; they include Affiliate Billing, Auto Generated Billing, Advertiser Billing, Tax, Fixed commission, Adjustment and many more. Let’s take the Affiliate billing for discussion.

Affiliate Billing: – Affiliate billing is known as Inward Invoice in Adwalnut’s dashboard. In the process of affiliate billing, invoice is generated, after generating the invoice ad-networkers just shared the invoice, thus affiliates can see the invoice in their panel how much they earned. This system is the ingenuous procedure in staying organized in affiliate billing processes. In the application invoices are generated automatically as well as manually.Auto Generated Affiliate Billing: – It is one of the unique features of Adwalnut. Ad-networkers need not to be bothered about billing. It generates time to time accordingly. But after generating automatically it has to be shared manually and if any discrepancy is found then it can be audited. As far as auto generated invoices are concerned, admin just enable this feature from the Affiliate settings and choose any one of the following:

i) Weekly 

ii) Bimonthly 

iii) Monthly

iv) Two Months

v) Quarterly

Selecting the above mentioned option invoice will be generated accordinglyAfter creating an invoice ad networkers are also viewed this bill from the Inward invoice option. If you want to know more about it please sign up for a free demo now at

Manually Generated Affiliate Billing- While creating an Inward invoice manually, admin just input affiliate’s name in the box and then just select the Offer name. After selecting the offer name, Payout Type, Quantity, Rate, Amount are automatically fetched from the Adwalnut’s database.

So want to process hassle free affiliate billing then just switch to Adwalnut and enjoy the supremacy of affiliate billing system. For more information please visit our website now at

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