Security Of SaaS Application

Posted on September 25, 2017

SaaS application has become more vigorously used and integrated into the affiliate marketing processes, impacting the Ad-network from top to bottom. Expand your campaigns and growth with robust SaaS, deliberated to get the best results out of your affiliate marketing.The following figure illustrates the layered stack for a typical SaaS vendor and highlights critical aspects that covered across layers in order to ensure security of the enterprise data.

he following key security elements carefully followed by Adwalnut while developing

  • SaaS deployment model
  • Data security
  • Network security
  • Data segregation
  • Backup

SaaS Deployment Model:-Google app Engine helps to build secure SaaS solution like Adwalnut by providing infrastructure services that aid in ensuring perimeter and environment security. This involves the use of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, etc.

Data SecurityIn the SaaS model, the enterprise data is stored outside the enterprise boundary, at the SaaS vendor end. So, Adwalnut adopting additional security checks to ensure data security and prevent breaches due to security vulnerabilities in the application or through malicious employees. This involves the use of strong encryption techniques for data security and fine-grained authorization to control access to data. Google Cloud Data store automatically encrypts all data before it is written to disk. There is no setup or configuration required and no need to modify the way you access the service. The data is automatically and transparently decrypted when read by an authorized user.

Network SecurityIn a SaaS deployment model, sensitive data is obtained from the enterprises, processed by the SaaS application and stored at the Adwalnut’s end. All data flow over the network is secured because it involves the use of strong network traffic encryption techniques such as Secure Socket Layer [SSL] and the Transport Layer Security [TLS] for security. Adwalnut follows this quite intensely.

Data SegregationIn a mature multi-tenant SaaS architecture, the application instances and data stores are shared across multiple enterprises. This allows Adwalnut to make more efficient use of resources and helps achieve lower costs. At the same time, sufficient security checks have adopted to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access to data of one tenant by users from other tenants. This involves hardening the data store as well as the application to ensure data segregation. Adwalnut’s Employee module perfectly follows this. Here Read/Write option provides data security.

Adwalnut has ensured that all sensitive enterprise data is regularly backed up to facilitate quick recovery in case of disaster.

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