Importance of Affiliate Payment Report in Affiliate Marketing

Posted on October 8, 2016

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that requires creativity and technicalities. Thematically it is based on relationships, a relationship between three parties: advertisers, affiliates and consumers. Payment is an important issue in any kind of business and affiliate marketing is not an exceptional from it. If affiliate tracking application is not able to provide high-quality reporting system then it creates difficulty. Ad-networks cannot see the particular affiliate payment report at a glance. At the same time they don’t understand in which date, which particular affiliate has got the payment. They cannot share the affiliate payment report and payment acknowledgement receipt to affiliates. Simultaneously affiliates cannot view the payment report, and also cannot download the payment acknowledgement receipt from their panel. Naturally miscommunication happens with affiliates and as a consequence business suffers and ROI affects quite a bit. In this sphere Adwalnut, a SAAS based performance marketing application provides robust affiliate payment reporting tool by which ad networks and affiliates can see the details of the payment very keenly and affiliates can receive payment acknowledgement receipt in their panel without any hassle. At the same time it helps to reconcile the relationship between ad-networks and affiliates.

Overview of Adwalnut’s Affiliate Payment Report

  •  Affiliate Payment Report permits ad-networks and affiliates to see the affiliate payment report of a particular affiliate.
  • It shows the report of a particular affiliate date wise accordingly.
  • Affiliate payment report shows particular Affiliate name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, Payment Date, Amount Currency and Payment Amount.
  • Ad-networks and affiliates can download the payment report as a PDF from their panel.
  • Ad-networks and affiliates can also export the report in an excel file from their panel.
  • After downloading the payment receipt, it shows ID, Date, Payment Method, Transaction ID, Amount, Company Name, Invoice ID, Invoice Date, Address and currency quite thoroughly.

                                        (After Downloading Affiliate Payment Receipt)

 How to generate a Affiliate Payment Report in Adwalnut Panel

  • Go to Home option and select Reports
  • After that choose Affiliate Payment Report.
  • After choosing the affiliate payment report, select timeframe and particular name of an affiliate.
  • Then just click on the run button.
  • After that report comes instantaneously.


Adwalnut, a SAAS based performance marketing application resolves the payment issue quite satisfyingly by providing a robust affiliate payment reporting tool. It really helps networks and affiliates to grow their businesses without any hassle. Ad-networks generate the payment report quite easily. By generating the report they can easily understand which particular affiliate has got payment in which date. Affiliates can also view the report in their panel quite meticulously. Therefore, no miscommunication happens, business grows fast and increases profit. This is a win win situation for both parties. By using Adwalnut’s SAAS solution they are enjoying the supremacy of affiliate marketing. To know more details please visit or signup for free demo at

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