How User can Track the Chain by which the Landing Page has been Navigated

Posted on July 2, 2016

What is Redirection? 

The redirection is a feature in Adwalnut where the user can track the chain through which the Landing Page has been traversed. User can easily trace the path and can detect that if there is any broken link or not. Check here

Features of Redirection

  1. It is a smart affiliate tracking links validate the system that provides both advertisers and affiliates the option to check whether the link is broken or not.
  2. It provides chain wise report of the tracking link.
  3. It helps to optimize your cost due to tracing of the broken link.

Steps of Redirection in Adwalnut

  1.  Click on the right side setting button.
  2. Now click the option Redirection from the dropdown.
  3. It will now take to the form page.
  4. Type the redirect url and click the submit button. It will open the following page.
  1. The redirection will have only 301 or 302 redirect.
  2. 200 redirect means the redirect is complete and the url above it will be the landing page url.

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Time to Take Action

Adwalnut a SaaS based performance application provides Redirection quite robustly. An enormous accuracy and utility that these URL redirection services hold, is better and served our clients successfully. To know another new advanced features please check here

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