Focus On Deep Linking & How to Embed Third Party Conversion Link in a SaaS Solution

Posted on January 19, 2017


Adwalnut,( a SaaS based performance marketing application which makes business faster, better, convenient and profitable at an affordable cost.  From first Click to Conversion it is now in a shape from where we can cater to the need of our clients by empowering them with some new and exciting features like Deep Linking, Multiple Tracking URL, Pixel Tree, Hybrid Payout System, Video Creative, Real Time Report which really help them to reach new heights. Here we will focus only on Deep Linking and Embedding third party conversion link. For more details please check out our blog now

How to Embed Third Party Conversion Link in a SaaS Solution

Adwalnut brings a revolution in embedding link. Now you can Merge Third party Conversion Link in our Application and your Affiliate will be able to see the stat in their third party Application. Please check out the video now “How to Embed Third Party Conversion Link in a SaaS Solution”

What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking is a feature by which network gives power to an affiliate to build a direct link to a specific product page on the advertiser’s website.

Advantages of Deep Linking

  • Deep Linking eliminates extra clicks because affiliate has the power to build a direct link to a specific page. Let’s take an example suppose an advertiser chooses landing page but an affiliate thinks Adwalnut’s pricing page ( would be more productive to drive sales. By using Deep Linking he/she can easily do this.
  • If Customer attracts more, then advertiser’s revenue will boost up. Consequently affiliate’s commission will also increase. For more details please sign up now for free demo

How To Create Deep Linking Link In A SaaS Based Application?

In Adwalnut, at the affiliate panel offer, shared by the advertiser that allows the affiliate to build a direct link where traffic will be redirected to. For entire details please keep an eye for our next E-book.


Affiliate Marketing changes the concept of online business drastically. Adwalnut a perfect affiliate tracking application would be a true friend of networks. Therefore, switching to the Adwalnut is no longer a choice but a strategic necessary.

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