An Outlook of Advertiser Billing in a Renowned SaaS Based Performance Marketing Application

Posted on March 25, 2016


Affiliate marketing is growing very fast since its inception. It changes the perception of online business. Affiliate marketing can make financial dreams come true. Advertisers embraced this concept of marketing with open arms to fulfill their financial dreams.

Category of Billing in Adwalnut Panel

In Adwalnut panel there are two types of billing. Advertiser billing and Affiliate billing. In the Adwalnut panel Advertiser billing is known as Outward Invoice and Affiliate Billing is known as Inward Invoice. Here we have discussed about Advertiser Billing or Outward Invoice.

Concept of Advertiser Billing/Outward Invoice in Adwalnut Panel

Adwalnut, a SaaS based performance marketing application provides all advanced features like S2S, 26 E-commerce Parameters, Alert, Real Time Report, Billingand many more quite conveniently. As mentioned earlier in the Adwalnut panel Advertiser billing is known as Outward Invoice. Outward Invoice summarizes the total revenue earnings of the advertiser. ‘Admin’ user can generate invoices for each advertiser user. When an advertiser user has paid in an invoice, admin user can mark it as paid and this will reconcile the outstanding balance for the advertiser’s user account. Once the invoice is completed then the admin user shares it to the advertiser user so that it gets visible to the advertiser user panel in the Outward Invoice section.

Features of Outward Invoice

  • Admin can create Outward Invoice without any hassle.
  • Admin chooses particular Advertiser’s company name to create Outward Invoice.
  • In Adwalnut panel admin only chooses particular offer’s name and the rest of the column like Revenue type, Quantity, Rate, Amount is getting filled automatically.
  • Admin can insert Tax in the invoice quite comfortably.
  • User can add row in the tabular form of the invoice instantly.
  • As well as admin user can delete the row from the tabular form.
  • Admin user can print the Invoice merely.
  • Simultaneously admin can print the invoice in LetterheadIn this aspect admin has the option to customize the logo which he wants to be in the saved invoice.
  • Admin user can also add and delete Remarks.
  • In the panel there are two options Half Paid and Full Paid. Admin can create invoice with half paid or full paid.
  • In case of Half paid and Full Paid admin user can create Outward Invoice receipt where total amount will be mentioned.
  • It can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • After creating the Invoice Admin can easily shares it with advertisers.
  • Advertisers can see the invoice from their panel without any difficulty.


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