Adwalnut Launches Smart Link that Helps to Increase Your ROI

Posted on February 10, 2018

We are pleased to proclaim that Adwalnut Smart link is obtainable now. It makes your performance marketing easier than previous. It helps to increase your ROI at least 25% or more.

Concept of Smart link

The smart link is also known as “single link” in the market. The concept of the smart link is simple and candid. It contains setting up numerous offers in a single vertical or geo location and then providing your affiliate a single link to send traffic to. Adwalnut does all the mechanisms in the background to get the utmost result on each click. To be more specific we can say that Smart Link is a link contains various offers in it.  Create a single link to all offers. It helps to show offer for each specific user. It confirms that an affiliate will get always paramount result from his traffic. It not only enhances your ROI but also enhances your growth in Performance Marketing significantly. Try a free demo now.

As a Tracking SaaS Solution provider, we are electrified about the opportunities for the Affiliate Marketer to increase their business growth with Adwalnut.  Not only experienced marketers but also for startups it is easier to get into this industry. In-fact Adwalnut is making it mission to make Affiliate Marketing smarter for Networks, Affiliates, and Advertisers. So Sign up now to create your own Ad network with Smart Link.

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