Advantages of Using Multiple Unique URL in a SaaS Application

Posted on May 5, 2016


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What is Multiple Unique URL?

Advertiser can create multiple unique links which redirected to different landing pages. In Adwalnut panel it is known as Additional offer URL. Let’s take an example to clarify it clearly

Suppose in an Email creative there are three links which are redirected to the same landing page at . But advertiser wants to provide three different landing pages to affiliate. He can easily do this by using Multiple Unique URL. In this scenario advertiser can create three unique Additional Offer URLs in a SaaS based application known as Adwalnut. Like

Why we use Multiple Unique Links?

Performance Marketing has become the grass roots of online business. Advertisers love affiliate marketing because it involves minimal risk. Offers are the core of performance marketing and Affiliate tracking link is the hub of offers which is used to redirect traffic to the offer landing page. Periodically in offers will have more than one landing page where advertisers want to send traffic.

Sometimes advertisers are perplexed because they don’t want to create new offer for each landing page.  In this aspect the concept of Multiple Unique URL(Additional Offer URL) solves this crisis quite a lot. Through Additional Offer URLadvertisers can add unique multiple links to offers. It really increases their productivity.

Implementation of Multiple Unique URL

To know the process of creating Multiple Unique Links (Additional Offer Url) Please Download our E-book now “Necessity and Implementations Of Additional Offer URL In A SaaS Based Performance Marketing Application” The entire E-book irradiates on the topic thoroughly. Please check it. (Link)

Video of Multiple Unique URL

To comprehend the topic viewing always plays a very vital role. We understand it. That’s why we make a video for You. Please check out the video now for more clarity


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Adwalnut, a SaaS based performance marketing application provides Additional Offer URL tool quite robustlyBy using Adwalnut, advertiser can create multiple Additional Offer URLs without any hassle. Through these links advertisers can send traffic, where they want to send.

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