Advantages of Pixel Tree in Performance/Affiliate Marketing

Posted on December 11, 2018

The Pixel Tree is a characteristic in Adwalnut where the user can track the chain through which the Landing Page has been traversed. The user can easily trace the path and can detect that if there is any broken link or not.

 Benefits of Pixel Tree
After providing the link to the affiliate, the link can be broken anytime. In that case, the purpose of providing a link is going to be a mess and your digital affiliate business faces difficulties. In this scenario, the pixel tree helps you to trace that broken link.

Features of Pixel Tree
a) It is a smart affiliate tracking links validate the system that provides both advertisers and affiliates the option to check whether the link is broken or not.
b) It provides chain wise report of the tracking link.
c) It helps to optimize your cost due to the tracing of the broken link.

Adwalnut has meticulously designed Pixel Tree for the tracing of the broken link. It can improve the level of innovation in your performance marketing. This has made a huge difference for your digital business.

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