A Small Overview of Multiple Payin/Payout System in Affiliate Marketing

Posted on April 30, 2016


While providing Affiliate tracking application customer priority has always been a central part. Adwalnut is improving day by day. We are now in a shape from where we can cater to the need of our clients by authorizing them with some innovative and exciting features which really help them to reach new heights. http://www.adwalnut.com

What is Multiple Payout Types?

The payout value is the amount that admin are paying to the affiliate for each conversion that they sent to the network. Through this awesome feature admin can choose different types of pay out, like CPL, Fixed Rate, Hybrid (CPS+CPC), Revenue Shared and Tiered. It enhances marketing opportunities through lot of affiliates. For more details please consult our expert now http://www.adwalnut.com

What is Multiple PayIn Types

The revenue is the amount that you are collecting from the advertiser of the offer. The advertiser can choose different PayIn types easily. Like Fixed Rate, Hybrid (RPS+RPC), Revenue Shared and Tiered. For more details please consult our expert now http://www.adwalnut.com

Salient Features

  1.  User can select the customized dates [Start and End dates] respectively for the payin/payout.
  2. User can create multiple payin or payout types for a particular offer.
  3. User can also create custom currency for the particular payin/payout which will only be applicable for the particular payin/payout.


Therefore moving to Adwalnut is no longer an option but a strategic imperative. For more details please visit http://www.adwalnut.com

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